Boostpoint Attract

Create Attention-Grabbing Ads

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Want to grow with a strong team? Hook the attention of your ideal candidates through social media advertising and engage them better than traditional recruiting tactics.

Boostpoint Attract helps you get more prospects to
stop scrolling and apply for your positions.

Ad Templates

Social media is the fastest-growing recruiting channel, giving you the opportunity to make more people aware of your openings. Leverage the advantages of social media and create ads easily with Boostpoint®.

  • Use proven ad templates that attract your
    future employees
  • Customize your job descriptions with copy
    written by professional ad writers


Make sure your ads get in front of the people you are looking for. Utilize the proven Boostpoint® formula and let the software segment your audiences by their demographics and interests.

  • Choose from the pre-configured targeted
    audiences with one click
  • Select the geography and let Boostpoint®
    find your matches

Lead Generating
Conversion Pages

Optimize your conversion pages and convert more qualified leads into applicants with an interactive candidate experience. With Boostpoint Attract™, you can create the steady flow of applicants that helps you fill your positions.

  • Get 10x better conversions than with traditional
    landing pages or job application forms
  • Use the easy “drag-and-drop” form builder
  • Personalize your pages and guide your applicants
    through a conversation
  • Qualify candidates with specific questions