Find the employees
you need

Increase your applicant flow with hyper-targeted social media ads and fast follow-up automation.

Access the largest
pool of prospects

81% of the North American population has an active Facebook account, so you can reach the most candidates on Facebook and Instagram.

73% of potential employees are passive job seekers. Ambitious and competitive professionals who aren’t actively looking to open new doors. You won’t find them with traditional recruiting tools. But you can attract them through social media.

Boostpoint® is a new platform helping you target the right candidates, with Facebook and Instagram ads that are 2-3 times more effective than job sites like Indeed.

Key Features

Focus on your target.

Spend less time and money on the recruitment process and double your connection rate with applicants.

Boostpoint AttractTM

Hyper-Targeted Audiences

Let the right candidates see your ads

Conversion Pages

Capture candidates better with optimized landing pages

Easy-to-Use Ad Templates

Boost your job ads with professionally written copy,
curated by experienced ad writers

Boostpoint ConnectTM

Instant Lead Notifications

Set up notifications easily and get alerted
when a new lead comes in

Fast Follow-Up Automation

Use automated text messaging and convert
more applicants to hires, quicker

Applicant Management

Keep track of your applicants and rate the
effectiveness of your campaigns in one place

TOP Industries That Recruit With Boostpoint®


Find the new caregivers of your
homecare agency and serve
more clients.

Home Improvement

Attract new employees and
customers to your home
improvement company.


Fill high-volume positions in your manufacturing business and build
a strong workforce.

Transportation & Logistics

Add the best drivers to your
team and deliver on your promises
to your customers.

Food Service

Hire key team members for your
restaurants and keep up with the
fast-paced food industry.

Hire the best with social media ads.