Boostpoint Connect

Connect With More Prospects Quickly

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Follow up with your potential candidates in an instant and
manage all your applicants on one platform.

Boostpoint Connect makes your hiring process more effective.

Instant Lead

Never miss a candidate activity. Stay on top of incoming applicants and fill your positions faster than before.

  • Get instant phone notifications
  • Receive email notifications when a candidate applies

Fast Follow-Up

Convert more applicants to hires by automated text messaging. Engage your candidates in real-time and double your applicants to interview ratio easily.

  • Reply to your qualified candidates immediately, 24/7
  • Reaffirm your interviews with text message reminders
  • Promote your referral programs

Applicant Management
and Reporting

Manage all your applicants in one place. Track your applicant to hire rate and boost your campaign performance.

  • Continue conversations with your applicants conveniently
  • Use the ad dashboard to track ad performance
  • Check applicant status anytime
  • Gain insights into your results and ROI