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Why should I use Facebook in my recruiting efforts?

A: The Great Resignation has shown us that traditional recruiting tactics can’t keep up with the rapidly changing candidate demand. Modern recruiters have realized that instead of posting jobs on career sites alone, they need to find innovative ways to get their high-priority roles in front of prospects. And social media advertising is a new approach to effective recruiting. With an enormous number of easily engageable prospects, Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms for finding the employees you need:

  • Counting 2.19 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is the #2 downloaded app worldwide. 81% of the North American population has a Facebook account.

  • Facebook and Instagram users spend an average of 3 hours browsing and interacting on these platforms. So, you can engage your candidates through Facebook better than any other platforms.

7 prospects out of 10 are passive job seekers. In other words, they may be a perfect fit for your business, but as they are not active on job boards, you need to target them in another way. You will find them on Facebook and Instagram.

A: No! Boostpoint® provides candidates with a top-tier mobile-friendly experience but we designed our software for the computer, with busy talent acquisition teams in mind. You can conveniently launch hiring campaigns, build high-converting SMS follow-up workflows, track candidate statuses, and generate detailed reports easily in the browser even if you’re multi-tasking.

A: Absolutely! If you’ve been struggling to attract qualified candidates locally, Boostpoint® is just for you. Thanks to hyper-targeting, our dedicated Ad Strategists can create multiple ad campaigns centrally that reach best talent only in the specific geographical areas you’re looking to hire from. For instance, if you’re based out of New York City but need to recruit employees quickly for your Nebraskan facility, you can get your job ads in front of both active and passive job seekers living in Nebraska on Facebook and Instagram.

A: The difference lies in that with a boosted post on Facebook and Instagram you can reach a wider audience, while with ads – like the ones you can create in Boostpoint® – you can be more specific in your targets. As a result, you can generate a higher ROI.

A boosted post allows you to “signal boost” content from your page’s timeline. You basically buy more impressions but it will generate fewer results than ads.

Facebook ads give you the opportunity to fine-tune your audience and ad goals, whether you need more conversions, page likes, or have other objectives. You can track your ad’s performance and gain a better understanding of your results from the detailed analytics.

A: Nope! We are a software company empowering you to build thriving teams by attracting more qualified prospects. Boostpoint® is an all-in-one platform that helps you create hyper-targeted social media ads, automate follow-up messaging, and manage all your applicants in one place.

A: Our campaigns usually run for 30 days. But you don’t have to wait that much to see outstanding results. You can expect quality leads flooding in immediately after launching your first campaign.

A: You can do both. Our Customer Success Experts will help you strategize the entire process to tailor your campaigns’ settings to your specific needs.

A: Yes, you need a Facebook business page to run ads through Boostpoint®. Instagram is recommended but not required. In case you do not have an Instagram profile linked to your Facebook page, your ads will still be posted on Instagram on behalf of your Facebook profile.

A: Boostpoint® conversion pages provide your candidates with a highly interactive experience of being able to apply for positions directly without leaving the Facebook app in just a few minutes. Unlike in the case of traditional landing pages, your prospects will engage in a conversation, so they will less likely bounce. You can optimize your conversion pages with specific questions, which gives you the opportunity to collect data and qualify your leads effectively.

A: You can connect with qualified candidates through our built-in SMS follow-up tool, quickly and efficiently.

The Boostpoint® automated text message workflows will allow you to reply immediately, so you can reaffirm appointments in real time. As a result, your candidates will never miss an interview appointment again. And they will know that you care. This can double your applicants-to-interview ratio immediately.

A: Ads run on behalf of your business page but do not get posted to the page itself. Users will be redirected to your business page by clicking on the ad, but the ad itself won’t be visible on your business page.

A: We have a handy catalog of tutorials for users to use as a refresher after your onboarding journey. We will continue to add more videos here as we release new updates and products. Feel free to come back to these tutorials as often as you need! You can watch those tutorials here →

A: We are happy to share that this has zero impact on the Boostpoint® software. Boostpoint® is not built off of the Facebook Job boards platform, but rather uses the Facebook paid advertising feature which is not changing with this update.

You can read our full statement here →

A: The engine that powers our AI magic is a language model that we’ve trained specifically for recruitment marketing. We’ve named it C.A.R.L. (Creates Artificial Rad Language).

A: Boostpoint Create.AI is an AI-powered Writing Assistant that generates a diverse array of compelling recruitment content in seconds. Each piece of content is unique and tailored to your specific roles, and you can post them yourself. It’s recruitment marketing magic! Boostpoint Attract is a recruiting platform that quickly fills your toughest positions through the unique combination of hyper-targeted job ads on social media and automated text message workflows.

A: Yes. C.A.R.L. can only create actions if they are part of a project.

A: You can generate new content using our Rewrite tool, and you can also specify what you would like C.A.R.L. to change.

A:  Currently, no. You can manually copy and paste the content that C.A.R.L. generated to the platform of your choice.

A: When you use Create.AI, you can write a diverse range of unique recruitment content personalized for each role within a few seconds. You can generate the following:


  • Email Cold Outreach
  • Email Applicant Follow Up

Job Board Content:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Indeed Job Listings
  • Google Careers Listing

Social Media Content:

  • Facebook Hiring Ad
  • Instagram Organic Post
  • Twitter Organic Post
  • Facebook Organic Post
  • LinkedIn Organic Post
  • TikTok Organic Post

Messaging Content:

  • SMS Hiring Campaign
  • SMS Employee Referral
  • SMS Applicant Follow Up

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