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Say hello to recruitment marketing intelligence

No more staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write next. Go from overwhelming task to boosted efficiency and make your jobs stand out like a seasoned marketer.

Save 90% of your time

On average, Boostpoint Create.AI users can reclaim most of their day. Automate writing content with just a few clicks and focus on building valuable connections with candidates.

Write with confidence

Forget juggling with templates. Generate high-quality, unique recruitment content and write like a pro – even if you’re not a trained writer.

Supercharge your employer brand

Our TAs are not letting their competition snag the best candidates before they do. Ensure consistent and error-free messaging so that you can maintain a professional and on-brand tone in all communication.

Types of Recruitment Content

Get professionally written content. For any recruiting goal.

Creativity, automated

Just imagine how much easier it would be to write job descriptions, emails, job ads, and so much more on autopilot. Then, that good old worry kicks in — what if your content will lack human creativity? Here’s a game-changer: Boostpoint Create.AI uses proven recruitment marketing strategies and AI methodologies to generate content that sounds like your employer brand and captures more potential hires right from the get-go.

Meet your new AI Writing Assistant

“Hey! I’m C.A.R.L. 
I can write it all for you.”

Loved by recruiters across the globe

Where AI and recruiters work hand-in-hand, they effortlessly attract more talent. Boostpoint Create.AI is about amplifying your abilities, not diminishing your role.

Stacey Lloyd
Stacey Lloyd
Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition • Shoe Carnival
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The tool is just amazing, really. The technology is awesome. We were just at a point where we needed some new, fresh content. I think it's so clever.
Megan Yamauchi
Megan Yamauchi
Employee Relations and Retention Manager • Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
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We love Boostpoint and the Boostpoint team! Thank you for your flexibility and kindness... your service is top-notch!!

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