Accelerate Your Job Distribution with Programmatic Job Ads on Social Media

Connect your job ads feed to Boostpoint Programmatic+ and launch social media ads instantly. Automate job distribution to reach qualified candidates and achieve higher conversion rates.

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Be among the first who enter the new era of Programmatic Recruitment. Along with the highest ROI.

The smartest TA teams use programmatic job advertising because automating the process of placing job ads online optimizes targeting and enhances efficiency. But traditional media sources don’t give you desired outcomes every time. That’s why we unlocked social media for programmatic job advertising – the largest candidate pool in history with over 300 million social media users across North America. Our cutting-edge AI-driven technology seamlessly integrates with Facebook and Instagram where candidates naturally engage, expanding your reach to a diversified audience.

The future of Talent Acquisition is here, and it’s intelligent, dynamic, and data-driven. Make better choices with our revolutionary recruitment solution that propels your hiring efforts to new heights.

Easily reach passive candidates

Candidates can’t apply for what they can’t see. Hyper-target those not actively job hunting, get your job ads in front of them on Facebook and Instagram, and immediately build a robust pipeline of new candidates.

Improve the quality of your high-volume hires

Bid farewell to tedious manual qualifications. Use Programmatic+ to filter out applicants on autopilot. Make sure fully qualified candidates get into your pipeline.

Boost your relevancy with Job Feed Monitoring

Our AI monitors job feeds, categorizes jobs based on specific details, and transforms them into not just job ads, but into captivating, relevant narratives. Elevate your outreach with high-converting content as we seamlessly push these opportunities to social media.

Recruiting shouldn’t cost the world. It’s time to control your recruiting dollars.

In recruitment marketing, your budget becomes a strategic asset. But the key to success is not just the amount you allocate – it’s about how effectively you deploy those resources to achieve optimal results.

10x conversions and pay for CPA

Move beyond clicks. Convert impressions into actual applications. Compared to career web pages, our conversion pages prioritize a streamlined, distraction-free design, guiding your prospects seamlessly through the application process.

Save your campaign dollars

Once your budget is met and a job closes, our system automatically halts social media marketing. Ensure your resources are used wisely until the next opportunity arises. Without any manual effort.

Optimize your job ads like a pro

Programmatic+ dynamically prioritizes high-performing job ads over underperformers on social media and ensures your investment is consistently directed towards the highest return. Experience the advantage of an advertising channel that reallocates resources in real-time and optimizes your ad spend for continuous effectiveness.

Hiring brilliance never sleeps. Leading TA teams launch over 100k job ads with Programmatic+ every hour.

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