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Boostpoint® is the #1 recruitment marketing tool suite that makes hiring a breeze. With the power of AI and social media, Boostpoint® is empowering recruiters to promote their jobs like marketing pros and multiply quality applicants with ease, separate from job boards. Cheers to attracting the perfect fits with just a few clicks!

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Finding the right candidates fast is tough, and traditional recruiting tactics like relying on job boards have lost their mojo. We get it. We get you. That’s why we’re here to help you hire the new way.

By embracing innovation, we’re actively contributing to a better future where technology simplifies recruitment marketing, so you can effortlessly find the best talent, prioritize human connections, and say goodbye to the struggle of promoting your jobs. With our unique combination of a Social Media Recruiting Platform, a Text Message Automation Tool, and an AI Writing Assistant, our users have taken recruitment marketing into their own hands. And you can do it too.

Our Mission

At Boostpoint, we’re passionate about ensuring you capture the right candidates every time. Our mission is to make top-tier recruitment marketing accessible to every recruiter.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where every person thrives at what they do because it’s easy to find employees who are built for their jobs.

Who We Are

We are creative thinkers building products we believe in. Our customers’ success is our shared goal that we work hard for. And we couldn’t do it without each other. Each team member at Boostpoint plays a crucial role in creating solutions that take you to the new era of Talent Acquisition.

We Believe That…

People Matter

Revenue and growth are important but what really matters is the people.

Recruiters Deserve Freedom

Every TA deserves a tool that takes recruitment marketing off their shoulders so they can focus on strategizing and fostering meaningful relationships with candidates.

Innovation Fuels Happiness

Every organization can build happy teams if they dare to innovate.

Why We Started

Our CEO and Co-founder, Sam Beiler, and CTO and Co-founder, Jared Neff, realized that the reason most organizations struggled to quickly fill their positions was that recruitment marketing languished as an unsupported component within the hiring process, leaving TA teams battling to market their jobs without the expertise of seasoned marketers. Seeing the potential of technology to bridge this divide, the two founders assembled a team of visionaries to design software solutions that allow recruiters to immediately level up their marketing game while saving them from endless template tweaking and pouring more money into job boards. Over the past 5 years, Boostpoint® has become the go-to marketing tool for modern Talent Acquisition teams, redefining the recruitment landscape one hire at a time.

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