February 2022 Updates to Facebook Jobs Boards and Their Impact on Boostpoint®

[The official Boostpoint® response to our customers.]

Last updated on February 15, 2024

You might have seen in recent headlines or perhaps received marketing emails raising an alarm on changes coming to Facebook Jobs this month. The information being presented can be misleading or confusing when they state that Facebook Jobs is “shutting down” because this is only a partial truth.

While changes are coming to this Facebook feature across the world, it will not have the same impact on those of us in the United States and Canada. Here is a short excerpt from Facebook that sheds some light on this update:

“Employers in the United States and Canada can continue to use Jobs on Facebook tools to create job postings from their Page for free on the Facebook app and Facebook desktop website.”

Read the full article here: Update on the Jobs on Facebook Product

So, how exactly does this affect Boostpoint®? 

We are happy to share that this has zero impact on the Boostpoint® software. Boostpoint® is not built off of the Facebook Job boards platform, but rather uses the Facebook paid advertising feature which is not changing with this update.

Boostpoint® wants you to be successful in whatever methods you use to attract new hires — whether that’s through the Facebook Jobs boards or through our software. This is why we want you to know the truth surrounding these changes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@boostpoint.com or reach out to your Customer Success representative.

– The Boostpoint® Team

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