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February 2022 Updates to Facebook Jobs Boards and Their Impact on Boostpoint®

[The official Boostpoint® response to our customers.]   You might have seen in recent headlines or perhaps received marketing emails raising an alarm on changes …

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Press Release: Introducing Boostpoint®, the Platform Transforming the Recruiting Industry

The first social media ad creation platform built for recruiters [Lancaster, Pennsylvania]: Boostpoint® today announced that it is on a mission to help businesses find …

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TOP 5 Benefits of Using Facebook for Recruiting

Competing for excellent talent has become increasingly difficult and posting jobs on job boards alone will no longer be enough for building an amazing team. …

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How to Avoid HR Burnout

Keeping teams together in the current employment crisis imposes a heavy burden on HR leaders. As U.S. vacancies hit record high due to COVID-19 worker shortages, recruiting managers feel the strain of workload and lack of finding candidates.

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