Press Release: Introducing Boostpoint®, the Platform Transforming the Recruiting Industry

Last updated on September 26, 2023

The first social media ad creation platform built for recruiters

[Lancaster, Pennsylvania]: Boostpoint® today announced that it is on a mission to help businesses find the employees they need by unlocking access to the largest pool of candidates through the power of social media. 

“We are facing a hiring crisis. Traditional recruiting tactics can’t keep up with the continuing job growth, and businesses need to find new ways to fill their empty positions quickly,” says Sam Beiler, CEO & Co-Founder at Boostpoint®. “In the most competitive labor market of the modern age, social media is a game-changer for companies who are looking to hire fresh talent.”

Covid anxieties have changed the job market of the United States. While 8.6 million people were seeking employment, vacancies rose to a new record of 10.9 million in July, and there were nearly 1 million more jobs available than workers at the time. What is more, a record of 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. The hazards associated with the virus triggered a gigantic reallocation of the employee mindset, so a “you have only one life to live” mentality has begun to prevail in the career scenario. 

Although 41% of organizations say they have offered flexible working conditions and enhanced benefits to entice job seekers, people have not swung back to employment. A large majority of the unemployed would rather switch to permanent remote work, are looking to spend more time with family, or craving for more meaningful careers. 

As a result, employers are struggling to find enough workers, especially passive job seekers who have 120% more impact on businesses than their active peers. The lack of finding talent indicates that it’s time to revolutionize recruiting methods. Getting in front of the right candidates and engaging them is the key to every successful hiring campaign. And for this, job placings alone will no longer be enough, but social media has the solution. In fact, social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram is 2-3 times more effective than job sites like Indeed.

As 81% of the North American population has an active Facebook account, Facebook and Instagram offer the golden opportunity to reach the most prospects in history. Users spend an average of 3 hours on Facebook and Instagram every day, so they can be attracted via Facebook easily. Also, with 73% of potential employees being passive job seekers, these platforms are the best resources to attract passive talent. 

Despite the breathtaking number of Facebook users, only 1 out of 5 hiring professionals are leveraging the social media giant for recruitment purposes, so there is a huge hiring gap. Boostpoint® is the first platform taking advantage of Facebook and Instagram ads to support recruiters with sourcing and connecting with potential candidates.

With a special focus on candidate experience, Boostpoint® utilizes hyper-targeted Facebook and Instagram ads along with fast follow-up automation. Boostpoint Attract™ allows recruiters to create attention-grabbing ads and reach hyper-targeted audiences. And Boostpoint Connect™ enables employers to connect with more prospects quickly and manage all their applicants in one place. 

As a new, innovative solution, Boostpoint® is leading the way in candidate attraction and retention. Targeting the right candidates imposes a heavy burden on organizations in terms of recruiting costs and keeping short-staffed teams together. Boostpoint® users spend less time and money on the recruitment process, experience an immediate increase in applicant flow, and double their connection rates with applicants.

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About Boostpoint®
Boostpoint® is a software startup empowering businesses to improve their recruitment processes and establish an efficient team. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the privately held company serves an array of TOP industries, including homecare, home improvement, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, and food service.

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