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Fill out your toughest positions in record time with Boostpoint®. Get more candidates through dynamic social media recruiting and text message automation than with job boards.

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Boostpoint Attract

Leave job boards in the dust. Speed up sourcing with engaging social ads.

Tap into the largest candidate pool ever — over 300 million social media users across North America. Don’t miss out on TOP workers who might not be on career sites. Get your jobs in front of them while they are scrolling through their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok feeds with Boostpoint’s high-performing job ads.

Attract 3x more candidates than with Indeed

Effortlessly reach passive job seekers and triple candidates with our customized ad creatives and proven copy. Hyper-target the best workers anywhere in North America and build a robust pipeline of new candidates, separate from job boards.

Convert 10x more prospects into applicants

Our conversion pages prioritize a clean and user-friendly design that focuses on guiding your prospects toward applying. Minimize distractions and reduce friction in the conversion process.

Generate qualified candidates

Fill your pipeline with qualified applicants. Automatically prescreen your candidates with a few quick questions they can answer in under a minute, right in the social app where your job ad caught their eye.

Boostpoint Connect

Automate SMS follow-ups. Connect with candidates instantly.

With a 90% average open rate, SMS Recruiting over-performs email and calls. Reach candidates directly on their mobile devices in real-time and reduce friction. No more waiting for emails to be read or phone calls to be answered.

2x your applicant-to-interview ratio

Your best opportunity to bond with your candidates is after they hit the apply button. Make sure they get your message in those critical moments and double your interviews instantly.

Streamline your workflow

Create automated SMS campaigns on the computer in seconds. Message your applicants on autopilot, keep track of where they are in the hiring journey, and organize your candidates in one place.

Nurture existing candidates with captivating SMS

Ignite excitement among candidates who inquired about your positions or applied for another role earlier. Re-engage those who might be great fits for your current openings.

How it works

The Quick Apply Experience your candidates will love

Did you know that a staggering 60% of candidates abandon the application midway because they find it too long? Yet many employers still rely on these lengthy processes, letting the best candidates slip through the cracks. But you don’t have to. That’s why we designed our innovative Quick Apply Experience with your candidates’ needs in mind and optimized it for mobile. Make it quick for them to apply. And easy for your team to qualify.


After launching your Boostpoint® hiring campaign, an applicant sees your job ad in their Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok feeds and clicks on it


The applicant then fills out a short
application form using our Quick Apply feature that qualifies them immediately right in the social app in under 1 minute


When they apply, they receive an automated follow-up text message immediately from the recruiter that begins the interviewing process

Modern Talent Acquisition team’s favorite tool

Recruiting driven by the strong demand for continuous innovation is the door to hiring success. Hear straight from our recruiters who embrace recruitment marketing technology how Boostpoint® empowers them to quickly hire the employees they need.

Carmen Labra
Carmen Labra
Healthcare Recruiter • About Kids
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You've done more for me in the past 2 weeks than Indeed has done so far this year.
Kristy Green
Kristy Green
Marketing and Business Development Director • Kohler
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We are really happy with our decision to move forward and try something new with Boostpoint. It has helped increase our application number even more than we thought!

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