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with the #1 Social Media and SMS Marketing Platform for Talent Acquisition Teams.

Brands we work with:

20 K
Total Applicants Generated​
2000 +
Total Ads Deployed​
30 K
Total Messages with Prospects​

Recruiting Solutions

The Boostpoint® platform provides Talent Acquisition teams with everything they need to capture qualified leads and build their brand presence on social media.

Generate More Applicants

The key to quickly filling positions is by leaning into the power of Social Media. Boostpoint® helps you get your positions in front of the people who are perfect for them through hyper-targeted audiences. With Boostpoint®, you get: 

  • Social media ad builder
  • Hyper-targeted audiences
  • Applicant conversion pages
  • Robust applicant reporting
  • Built-in messaging tool with automated follow-up

Build Your Employer Brand

The best recruitment marketing strategy must include a brand awareness element. With Boostpoint®, building your brand presence has never been easier:

  • Dedicated ad specialists
  • Custom ad creative (Including video content)
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Lookalike audiences

Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms for attracting
passive job seekers.

These individuals make up 73% of the candidate pool. Launching hiring campaigns on social media is the only way to get in front of them—giving you an edge over your competition.

Industries across the US and Canada are using Boostpoint's software to enhance their recruitment marketing strategies.

Boostpoint is a platform that turns your open positions into highly-effective hiring campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Our software takes your requisites and generates recruiting ads that target your perfect candidates. With our in-app messaging tool you can also quickly follow-up with automated workflows—nurturing those applicant relationships and converting more candidates to hires.

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