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How does Boostpoint® work?

Boostpoint® is a new recruiting platform that helps you target the right candidates, getting your job postings in front of them with Facebook and Instagram ads that are 2-3 times more effective than job sites like Indeed.

  • Get Facebook/Instagram ads running in minutes with our easy-to-use ad templates—launching them right from the Boostpoint® app
  • Gain quality applicants by using Boostpoint’s highly-effective application forms—creating the highest conversion rate possible
  • Convert more applicants to hires with our fast, automated follow-up text messaging workflow—connecting with candidates immediately after they fill out an application

The Applicant Experience

What makes the Boostpoint® platform so successful in finding the employees you need? Simplicity is the answer. You need to get in front of candidates, provide a quick way for them to apply, and create a fast workflow for following up. Boostpoint® helps you accomplish just that, in three easy steps:

Create and launch your job ads from the Boostpoint® app. Immediately they will begin appearing in front of your target audience on Facebook and Instagram.

Candidates click on your ad and fill out the quick application form without ever leaving the Facebook app—creating a huge applicant flow.

With Boostpoint’s automated text messaging feature, candidates will receive an immediate follow-up text upon application submission.

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