The #1 tool suite for recruitment marketing


With the power of AI and social media

AI for Recruitment

Revolutionize your recruitment content in seconds and promote your jobs like a marketer.

Social Media Recruiting

Use targeted advertising on social and get 3x more candidates than with job boards.

SMS Recruiting

Reach candidates anytime and 2x your applicant-to-interview ratio with ease.

Say goodbye to job boards. And all your recruiting problems.

Modern recruiting technology for
effective hiring

Boostpoint® is the ultimate solution for recruitment marketing. Our app utilizes AI and taps into the greatest candidate pool of over 300 million social media users across North America.

Forget waiting for job boards to generate candidates. It’s time to easily find the right workers, without getting duplicate applicants. Capture more passive job seekers with the powerful combination of hyper-targeted advertising and time-tested job ads on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Earn their trust with our fast application process and multiply candidates.

Use Boostpoint® to supercharge your candidate experience, gain a competitive edge, and effortlessly increase your applicant flow.

Streamline your workflow. Unlock your full potential.

All-in-one recruitment marketing toolset

The ever-evolving job market and workforce dynamics demand innovation and adaptability. We provide your Talent Acquisition team with the most cutting-edge recruiting marketing tools so that you can boost your efficiency and fill your toughest positions in no time. Even if you’re high-volume hiring.


Experience the unmatched power of our generative AI technology and write high-quality recruitment content for job boards, social media, interviews, and more. With just a few clicks.


Unleash high-converting social media ads and attract a flow of new applicants throughout North America. Make it easy for your candidates to apply with our Quick Apply process that they can complete in under 1 minute.


Automate follow-ups with our engaging SMS workflows and connect with hard-to-reach candidates right after they apply. In real-time.

Who we serve

We understand you and what you need from a candidate attraction solution. Whether you’re a recruiter, a Talent Acquisition team, a staffing agency, or a programmatic advertiser, we recognize the profound impact a recruitment marketing software can have on your overall productivity.

Talent Acquisition teams
Staffing Agencies
Programmatic Advertisers

How leading organizations amplify their performance with Boostpoint®

ADESA gained over 300 qualified candidates, in their highest growth areas—averaging a cost per lead below $10.00.
Super Store hired 15 new employees within their first month of using the Boostpoint® platform.
Penn Waste reduced its recruiting costs by 30%. Using Boostpoint®, the company went from spending $50k per month on temporary labor to $15k per month.

We’re passionate about your success

Our dedicated team is always here to elevate you at every turn. Trust us to guide you, hand in hand, on your path to hiring success.

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