Recruitment Terms & Definitions

What is an employee referral?

An employee referral is a recruitment method where existing employees of a company recommend or refer individuals they know for job openings within the organization. Essentially, it involves current employees suggesting friends, family members, former colleagues, or acquaintances who they believe would be a good fit for a particular job.

Here are some key points about employee referrals:

  1. Informal recommendation: Unlike traditional recruitment methods where candidates apply through job portals or company websites, an employee referral is a more informal process. It relies on personal connections and recommendations.

  2. Networking advantage: Employee referrals leverage the personal and professional networks of current employees. This can be a valuable source of potential candidates, tapping into a pool of individuals who may not be actively job-seeking but have the desired skills and qualifications.

  3. Cultural fit: Since employees often refer individuals they know personally, there is a higher likelihood that the referred candidate would be a good cultural fit for the company. This can contribute to a positive work environment and team dynamics.

  4. Trust factor: Hiring through employee referrals is often seen as a trust-building exercise. Employers may have more confidence in the referred candidate’s abilities and character because the recommendation comes from someone within the organization.

  5. Quicker hiring process: Referral candidates may go through a quicker hiring process since they are often pre-screened by the referring employee. This can lead to reduced time and resources spent on the recruitment process.

  6. Incentives: Some companies offer incentives or bonuses to employees who successfully refer candidates that are hired. This serves as a motivation for employees to actively participate in the referral program.

How do you write an employee referral?

Writing an employee referral involves effectively communicating your recommendation for a candidate to the hiring team or human resources department. Here are some steps and tips on how to write an employee referral:

  1. Begin with a greeting: Start your referral with a professional greeting. You can address it to the hiring manager or the appropriate person in the HR department.

  2. Introduce yourself: Briefly introduce yourself and your position within the company. This provides context for your connection to the candidate.

  3. Provide background on your relationship: Explain how you know the candidate. Whether it’s a former colleague, a friend, or someone from your professional network, give a brief overview of your relationship with them.

  4. Highlight the candidate’s qualifications: Clearly outline the candidate’s qualifications, skills, and relevant experience. Be specific about the aspects that make them a strong fit for the position. If possible, relate their skills to the job requirements.

  5. Mention soft skills and cultural fit: In addition to technical skills, highlight any soft skills or personality traits that make the candidate a good cultural fit for the company. This could include teamwork, communication skills, or adaptability.

  6. Provide examples or success stories: If you have specific examples of the candidate’s achievements or success stories, include them. This adds credibility to your recommendation and provides evidence of the candidate’s capabilities.

  7. Express enthusiasm: Convey your genuine enthusiasm and confidence in the candidate. Make it clear why you believe they would be an asset to the team or the company as a whole.

  8. Offer Availability for further discussion: Let the hiring team know that you’re available for any additional information or discussion about the candidate. This shows your willingness to support the hiring process.

  9. Close professionally: End your referral with a professional closing, expressing your hope that the hiring team will consider the candidate for the position.

  10. Include contact information: Provide your contact information in case the hiring team needs to reach out for more details.

What is employee referral software?

Employee referral software is a specialized type of technology designed to streamline and enhance the employee referral process within an organization. It provides a platform for managing and tracking employee referrals from the initial recommendation to the hiring decision. Implementing employee referral software can significantly enhance the efficiency of the referral process, improve employee engagement, and ultimately contribute to the hiring of high-quality talent within an organization.

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