Recruiting Solutions

Social Media + Text Message Automation

Convert more applicants to hires with automated text messaging—engaging your candidates in real-time and doubling your applicant-to-interview ratio.

Automated text messaging is the number one missing tool in most recruiting follow-up processes. Without a text message recruiting strategy, potential candidates can slip through the cracks because:


Answer Calls from a Number They Don’t Recognize


of Emails Are Opened


of Text Messages Are Opened


Reply to All Text Messages

Connect Facebook Ads with Text Message Automation

98% of Facebook users access the app with a mobile device—
making it imperative to create a mobile-friendly experience for candidates to apply. With Boostpoint’s quick apply experience,
job seekers can apply for positions without ever leaving the
Facebook or Instagram platform. 

Immediately Follow-up With Candidates

Connect with candidates instantly with our automated text message follow-up tool. Create engaging text message workflows that will convert more applicants into interviews and interviews into hires.  Or create re-engagement workflows to reconnect with candidates that previously inquired about positions.

Robust Applicant Reporting

Organize your Boostpoint® candidates in one place, message them when needed through text message communication, and keep track of where they are in the hiring journey. 

Start filling your applicant pipeline, today.