Texting Software for Recruiting: Why Should You Use it for Follow Up?

Emailing and calling candidates? Not really. People tend to ignore phone calls from numbers they don’t know. But 90% of text messages get opened because candidates prefer to be communicated via text messaging during the hiring process. So it’s time to take advantage of the power of texting in your hiring efforts.

Using text software for recruiting you can fill out your open positions faster because you can build real connections with potential candidates and make their experience memorable. We developed our cutting-edge SMS recruiting tool to help you make a terrific impression on your applicants by automating real-time replies and win them over your competitors.

Supercharge your follow-ups with SMS. Connect with candidates instantly and reduce your time to hire.

Your best opportunity to bond with them is after they hit the apply button. That’s why we built an incredibly effective SMS recruiting strategy so that you can connect with them on their mobile devices right after they apply. The result? They get your message in those critical moments and start trusting you more.


Phone calls only have a 13% answer rate


8 candidate out of 10 never open emails from unknown addresses


SMS outperforms these mediums with a 90% open rate

Fast follow-up system. 2x more interviews.

Say goodbye to candidates falling through the cracks and hello to a large candidate pool.

Time efficiency

Higher response rates

Quick interview scheduling

Recruiting is easy. When you’re using the right tools.

Optimize your follow-up workflows and let Boostpoint text your candidates in your sleep. Get a higher response rate than with traditional follow-up tactics.

Wider reach

Connect with candidates on a broader scale through SMS. Re-engage those who might be great fits for your current openings.

Boosted recruitment productivity

Boostpoint users automate SMS follow-ups while effortlessly organizing a larger volume of candidates in one place.

Texting Software For Recruiters

Leveraging the power of technology in talent acquisition helps recruiters stand out in a highly competitive landscape. Specialized texting software for recruiters, for instance, can optimize the hiring processes. These programs operate via the convenience of mobile technology, enabling recruiters to stay well-connected with prospective candidates in a personalized way.  

Unlike traditional recruitment methods, a modern mobile approach transcends geographical boundaries and time zones, increasing the efficiency of recruitment techniques. Bridging the communication gap with candidates remains a critical aspect of recruiting. Text recruiting has emerged as a game-changer in communication strategies, where recruiters can conveniently initiate conversations with candidates via a highly accessible channel.  

Through concise, thoughtfully crafted messages, recruiters can provide necessary information about job openings, conduct preliminary screening, and schedule interviews. Such conveniences and accessibilities could significantly enhance a candidate’s experience and increase the chances of a successful hire.  

Text to recruit has become a reliable approach for talent acquisition in the modern workplace. Recruiters using text to recruit functions leverage advanced texting practices to engage prospective candidates proactively who are already in their pipelines. The intuitive method enables recruiters to attract job seekers who are not actively searching for a job, expanding the talent pool for future hiring campaigns. 

Coupling text to recruit functions with effective employer branding guides organizations toward creating a compelling value proposition that entices top talent. Text messaging for recruiting has gained momentum recently for its speed and high response rate. 

Unlike emails that candidates may overlook or go missing in the busy channels of daily communications or because they don’t want to open an email from an unknown person, recipients typically read text messages within minutes. The rapid response of these communication methods expedites hiring initiatives, decreasing time-to-hire while boosting candidate experience. 

The concept of SMS recruiting raises the conversation quickly to the candidate’s attention. Since people tend to have their cell phones readily accessible, recruiters can strategically plan and deliver text messages to candidates for optimal impact and response. 

SMS recruiting is an effective tool for streamlined interactions such as sharing job details, answering pre-interview queries, and confirming interview schedules. Also, younger generations of the workforce tend to spend a more significant amount of time on their mobile devices. As such, companies can increase the chances of attracting new hires within specific demographics, such as Millennials and Gen Z candidates. 

A recruiting automation solution integrates these diverse functions into a user-friendly, unified touchpoint. These integrated solutions empower recruiters to fine-tune and automate various aspects of the recruitment process accurately and consistently. Automated texting enhances communication, scheduling, and screening at every campaign stage, from initial sourcing to securing candidates with the final job offer.

At Boostpoint, we combine cutting-edge technology with the extensive reach of social media and texting capabilities to turbocharge your talent acquisition process. Our advanced texting software for recruiters elevates operations by eliminating communication barriers, accelerating recruitment cycles, and enhancing candidate engagement. 

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Features and Functionalities of Texting Software for Recruiters

The rapid-paced, mobile-first world makes it increasingly important for companies to streamline communication with job candidates for maximum engagement. Recruiting text messages catered to candidates is one effective approach to boosting communication with candidates. 

Companies can conveniently manage and optimize their recruiting text messages to candidates via the specialized features and functions of texting software for recruiters. The innovative Boostpoint® platform, specifically designed for talent acquisition teams, offers user-friendly features like automated messaging and superior recruitment marketing automation. 

Conventionally, recruitment text messages can prove time-consuming and at risk of human error. Automated messaging avoids the issue by enabling recruiters to schedule and send them out to specific candidate groups simultaneously. As such, a recruiter can effectively manage multiple potential candidates without getting overloaded by manually sending individual text messages. 

The smoother and more streamlined process gives recruiters more time to focus on securing the best talent. Communication becomes quicker and more effective through recruiting texting messages, often resulting in immediate contact with candidates. Boostpoint® also offers the advanced function of analytically measuring candidate engagement. The platform offers the latest features and functionalities of texting Software for recruiters to fulfill modern communication demands for data-driven recruitment insights. 

Boostpoint® offers comprehensive analytics on texting activities, providing valuable information regarding the progress and effectiveness of the recruitment process. The software’s built-in analytics tool offers real-time information for tracking critical recruitment metrics like response rate and candidate preferences. 

These key insights guide informed decision-making and strategic planning, ultimately driving improved recruitment outcomes. Boostpoint®’s reporting function complements the platform’s analytic features, boosting overall functionalities. The system’s comprehensive, detailed, and user-friendly reporting options enable recruiters to evaluate their candidate communication strategies and make necessary adjustments. 

Recruiters can generate reports on every aspect of their text message marketing strategy. As such, users can acquire a holistic view necessary for gauging the effectiveness of their messages and identifying key strategies that work best for particular candidate groups. 

The program’s structured report offers a reliable record of candidate communications. These could prove advantageous for validating methodologies and demonstrating compliance to higher management levels. Boostpoint® provides the framework that supports continuous learning and improvement in communication strategy. 

Boostpoint® also enhances recruitment marketing automation. The function could become increasingly crucial with automation becoming an industry standard in recruitment practices.  Leveraging automation enables companies to boost efficiency, reduce their administrative workload, and improve consistency in candidate communication. 

Boostpoint®’s automated software automatically sends personalized and engaging recruitment text messages to candidates in real-time. The tailored approach engages candidates and leads to improved responses. 

Ultimately, recruiters can stay ahead of the curve and constantly improve candidate engagement by tapping into the in-depth functionalities of texting software for recruiters. At Boostpoint, we understand the challenges of navigating the functions and features of texting software. 

Benefits of Texting Software for Recruiters

Recruiters constantly seek innovative strategies and groundbreaking tools to streamline hiring and attract the most qualified candidates. Text recruiting tools have revolutionized recruiting communication methods. Recognizing the prominence of mobile phone usage in today’s digital era, recruiting texting software taps into the rising popularity of mobile usage in the digital age. Technology presents new avenues of engagement and interaction in reinforcing recruitment frameworks.  

For example, companies have leveraged the use of texting software for recruiters. The notable benefits of texting software for recruiters include increased efficiency, improved candidate experience, and enhanced recruitment strategies. Today, recruiters can contact, screen, and schedule interviews for dozens of candidates simultaneously within minutes. 

Instant communication via text allows potential hires to respond at their convenience, providing a smoother candidate journey. By using software for texting, recruiters can also apply software for texting to update applicants on every stage of the hiring process. 

Open communication can help improve transparency and communication efficiencies, ultimately increasing candidates’ satisfaction and trust in a company. Program efficiency and improved candidate experiences enhance the overall recruitment strategies delivered by texting software. Recruiting software allows HR professionals to reach a broad spectrum of potential hires swiftly and conveniently, leveraging the power of immediacy and convenience of SMS strategies. 

These recruiting texting software solutions also effectively cut through the noise of overcrowded email inboxes, reducing the chances of lost or ignored messages. You can witness the broader application of these benefits in Boostpoint as a premiere social media and SMS marketing platform built for talent acquisition teams. 

Boostpoint harnesses cutting-edge texting technology to enable recruiting professionals to attract, engage, and bring on board the best talent efficiently. Our unique platform is a perfect example of how innovative recruiting strategies can significantly streamline the hiring process and boost an organization’s branding. 

The advantages of using texting software for recruiters have become integral in supplementing hiring campaigns. These platforms provide a quick, efficient, and user-friendly way of connecting with candidates. As a result, these platforms boost a recruiter’s productivity and enable a more seamless, effective, and enjoyable employment process. 

Boostpoint® offers an effective way for top recruitment teams to stay abreast of industry trends and take their hiring strategy to the next level. Our platform revolutionizes talent acquisition practices by ensuring the best outcome for the hiring team and potential candidates. Specifically, Boostpoint revolutionizes talent acquisition with an optimized text recruiting platform. The system leverages far-reaching social media channels and SMS marketing networks, providing a comprehensive solution for tackling recruitment challenges. 

We prioritized dynamism and an intuitive interface in developing our ground-breaking platform. The user-friendly program empowers recruitment teams to engage prospects efficiently, optimizing the success of their marketing strategies. The ingenuity of social media combined with targeted SMS marketing redefines recruiting effectiveness and expedites the recruitment process with newfound efficiencies. Our text recruiting platform can inject a high degree of practicality and efficiency into hiring processes. 

It allows recruiters to engage with job seekers on time, contributing to a superior employer brand. Leverage the latest technology and elevate your recruitment success with Boostpoint®.

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