You Can’t Always Give Your 100%. And That’s Fine.

Last updated on February 15, 2024

In recruitment, you actually have to leave no stone unturned every day to fill a position. And most people think that you can only achieve your hiring goals if you always give your 100%.

But I must tell you that it’s not true. You can be successful when you’re not giving your all.

Because here’s the thing:

Less than a 100% doesn’t mean ‘inefficient’.

Less than a 100% doesn’t mean ‘I can’t’.

Less than a 100% doesn’t mean ‘I’m not enough’.

When you have a goal, you want to achieve it totally, right?

But in recruitment, it’s all happening so fast. And it’s physically impossible to operate at 100% all the time – especially in the current scenario when the industry is recalibrating itself due to The Great Resignation.

So, what if you just keep pushing and pushing and you feel like you’re still not at your best? And results do show that you’re not at your best?

Look, you must forgive yourself. You’re great, and you’ll do better next time.

What if the pile of tasks is so high that you just don’t have time to contact every prospect on your list today?

It’s okay. You’ll do that tomorrow.

What if a candidate is ghosting you and you think it’s because you were so tired that you forgot to follow up with them?

It happens. We all make mistakes. Don’t sweat it.

Essentially, here’s what it all comes down to: 

You shouldn’t stress about your productivity and results. Through each recruiting campaign, whether it is a huge success or not, you change lives for the better, help the business grow, and earn well, even when you can’t do your best.

And it’s time to finally believe that sometimes 99% is more than enough.

Here’s how you could help yourself build a bridge over troubled water.

Define success through a new lens of purpose

Every person has its own definition of success. To some, it’s about delivering results, to others, it’s high pay, and it’s hearing ‘well done’ from the management or a client for many.

But when it comes to working on a hiring campaign, success is mostly about the applicant flow, time-to-hire, and the applicant-to-hire ratio.

And yes, it can be frustrating when numbers don’t come in. But how much it takes from you depends on how you define success.

If you’ve been struggling to do your job lately as you intended to and it bothers you, perhaps it’s time to look at success another way. Put your hand on your heart and tell me: what does success mean to you? Is it really the numbers, or it’s rather the hiring process that you enjoy? That you’re doing something meaningful?

Either way, make sure your success-definition has purpose. A vision or a set of goals that are truly you. This definition may differ from what fellow recruiters call success. But I want you to promise yourself that you won’t lose your personal identity in happenings that you might consider to be failures.

Because your success is you. But failure is not. Own the lesson and move on. Focus on your goal.

Share the burden

Whether you’re having a great day today or a I want to go home vibe, you should know that you’re not alone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an in-house recruiter or a freelance professional, there’s always a team you can reach out to, so you don’t have to do everything alone.

Teamwork is an amazing strength. When being embraced, it can open doors to amazing opportunities. So, don’t be shy. Do ask for help. Everybody on a team has their own personal growth that can help you make problem-solving easier. 

Remember: bearing the burden alone won’t make you more successful.

Let go

Productivity anxiety is a real thing and it’s exhausting. What is worse, it can easily push you into the cycle of never enough. And I’m sure you don’t want that.

This is why learning how to take a mental break from time to time and just let go is important. 

For the sake of a good mental health and a better sense of satisfaction, learn how to be okay with relaxing. You don’t have to earn a day off. You deserve it. 

And you can tell yourself this when you feel like you can’t give 100%:

I’ll do what I can but I don’t have to make progress at all costs. 

It’s okay if I’m not dealing with it today. It can wait until tomorrow.

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Lizz Durbin

Lizz is an Account Executive at Boostpoint where she enjoys connecting with new customers. With years of invaluable experience in recruitment, she empowers Talent Acquisition teams to find the best employees and escalate organizational growth. Her passion for fostering inspiring work environments, combined with her creativity and strategic mindset, greatly contributes to the advancement of Talent Acquisition. She brings a deep belief in our products, aligning her passion for sales with a genuine conviction in their value.

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