How to Build a Compelling Employer Brand in the Manufacturing Industry Through Social Media

Last updated on June 10, 2024

Attracting skilled and motivated manufacturing employees can be challenging even for the most seasoned talent acquisition teams. Talent in this industry is often scarce and you may find yourself competing with organizations offering better perks and incentives. So, the key to convincing the best talent that you’re their ideal employer is to have an outstanding employer brand. And you can build a more successful one through social media than with any other solution. 

What is the difference between employer branding and employer brand?

Employer branding is the process of establishing and maintaining a positive employer brand. It helps you attract qualified employees and get people talking about your company.

Employer brand, on the other hand, is how candidates and current workers perceive you as an employer. This includes everything from team building events to your About Us page that exhibits your company culture.

How do you build a strong employer brand image on social media?

1. Create a strong Employee Value Proposition 

Establishing an outstanding Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is key in building an employer brand on social media because it helps you attract your targeted applicants like a magnet.

Your EVP is your essential set of offerings that quickly answers the deal-breaking question from your prospects: “So what’s in it for me?”

In other words, your EVP is a statement – and if you create social content infused with it, you can easily make your prospects feel what your business stands for, so they envision their journey on your team.

Your EVP should have five key areas:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Career
  • Work environment
  • Company culture 

When you define your propositions, avoid general statements. Whether you share them in a Facebook post or talk about them in an Instagram live, your prospects have probably heard common phrases like “Competitive pay” and “We have great people on our team” a thousand times before. So, they won’t stop scrolling or continue watching.

Instead, phrase what you give to your employees in a way that is aligned to your brand identity and resonates with them as well. Find out what your target candidates value the most and consciously build content around that.

2. Make a memorable connection with potential employees

For a successful employer brand, a strong brand awareness is key. And this is where social media steps in: you can make a lasting impression on your prospects and influence how they see you as an employer.

Your organic and promoted posts, carousels, and videos appear on the feeds of your target audience while they are browsing, so you can reach them when they are ready to take an action because that’s when they are open to find out new things.

Brand experience

Thanks to the textual and visual advantages that social media offers, you can connect with your candidates on an emotional level more effectively than through any other medium. Your brand tone of voice and branded images form a unique employer brand experience that makes you stand out. This can help you generate vibes that people in manufacturing can identify themselves with, so your message will stick in their minds.

And this is inevitable on 2 levels: 

  1. For long-term goals: when you engage your prospects, you can influence their bonding with you even when you’re not hiring. 
  2. For short-term goals: when you have a hiring campaign and your prospects first encounter you through a job ad on social, a compelling impression will make them want to explore more. So they will either click ‘apply’ right then, or they’ll go to your feed and check out other posts. That’s when you have a chance to convince them through valuable content that you’re an employer they would gladly work for.

Team culture

Team culture is a key factor to your employer brand because it helps you build a friendly and approachable image. So, build a content strategy that helps you communicate why your team is your most important asset, let your team vibes shine through, and your candidates will feel invited to join you.

If you post success stories, share photos of team events and achievements, you can enhance the human side of your employer brand. Just think about it: what could build trust better than a happy smile?

When your workers share your posts on social along with their positive thoughts, your prospects – whether they have just come across your profile or have been following along for a while – will think, “This must be a great workplace”. So, when a position will open up, they’ll already know what it would be like working for you. And once hired, they won’t leave for another job that pays 1 more dollar per hour. 

3. Promote your employer brand with Facebook and Instagram ads

If you want to attract TOP manufacturing talent, promoting your employer brand on social media is crucial. Your potential employees may not be registered on job boards like Indeed, but they are on Facebook, so you can make your jobs available to the most relevant audiences, including passive job seekers.

Organic posts are effective for maintaining awareness, but if you’re looking to increase your follower base fast or want to fill your positions quickly, Facebook and Instagram ads are the most powerful tool. Their hyper-targeted audiences make it easy for you to reach and attract the people who are great fits, resulting in actual conversions.

Wrap Up

Attracting skilled manufacturing employees is challenging, but a strong employer brand can make a significant difference, especially when leveraged through social media. Establishing a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that resonates with your target audience is crucial. Social media allows for emotional connections through unique brand experiences and engaging team culture content. Promoting your brand via Facebook and Instagram Ads further enhances reach and attractiveness to potential candidates. If you focus on these strategies, you can effectively build a positive employer brand that stands out in the manufacturing industry, attracting and retaining the best workers.

Lizz Durbin

Lizz is an Account Executive at Boostpoint where she enjoys connecting with new customers. With years of invaluable experience in recruitment, she empowers Talent Acquisition teams to find the best employees and escalate organizational growth. Her passion for fostering inspiring work environments, combined with her creativity and strategic mindset, greatly contributes to the advancement of Talent Acquisition. She brings a deep belief in our products, aligning her passion for sales with a genuine conviction in their value.

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