TOP 6 Benefits of Using Facebook for Recruiting

Competing for excellent talent has become increasingly difficult and posting jobs on job boards alone will no longer be enough for building an amazing team. To hire the best employees, you need to get in front of a larger pool of candidates and captivate them in a more personal way. Thus, the majority of hiring companies use social media as part of their recruitment strategy. 

If you want to leverage the power of social media in your recruitment campaign, Facebook is the best social media site for you. 

Let’s take a look at the greatest advantages of Facebook Recruiting!

1. The most prospects

Wherever you look, wherever you go, everybody’s on Facebook. According to the latest statistics, 2.89 billion people use Facebook every day.

With an incredible number of 285 million active users in North America, Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the region. 

Although you can use job search chats on Twitter and find millions of professional profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook provides recruiters with a benefit that no one else can: The highest job visibility. As Facebook has the biggest user base in the world, you can get more potential candidates to see your jobs on this platform than anywhere else. 

2. The users who are great fits

Although it is preferable to include both active and passive candidates in your recruiting strategy, passive job seekers are in high demand because they have 120% more impact on your business than their active peers. The problem is that it is way more difficult to find them than those who are actively applying.

Passive candidates may be open to appealing career opportunities but they aren’t actively seeking employment. They are not browsing job advertisements, so you will never reach them via traditional recruiting. But as they hang out on Facebook in their spare time, you can attract them via the social media giant easily.

3. More human

Personalized candidate relationships are key to successful hiring. In the noise of boring job descriptions, company logos, and business talk, your prospects get frustrated and feel lost. So how can you convince them that an exciting journey is ahead of them? If you show them the human side of your company.

When we read news, watch videos, or comment on status posts on Facebook, we want to get interactions from others. Our connections increase the feelings of belonging, and it supports our happiness and self-esteem.  

Facebook’s chat function, the quick responses, and all the visual content you share on the platform give your applicants the experience of connecting with other people. If you recruit on Facebook, you can make your candidates have the impression of talking to you face to face, just like when they communicate with their family and friends. To the candidate, it will reflect that you care. So, she will begin to envision what it would be like to work for you.

4. Lower recruitment costs

The longer your positions remain unfilled, the harder it will be to balance your resources. Facebook helps you expand your search and source your candidates economically in three ways:

  1. Postings jobs: You can post your jobs on your Facebook page or in Facebook groups. It can generate leads, but only those people can see your jobs who have liked your page or are members of those groups.
  2. Boosted jobs: If you have published your jobs, you can pay for reaching a wider audience.
  3. Facebook Ads: 90% of employers say that Facebook and Instagram ads decreased the amount of their cost per hire

By running recruiting ads on Facebook and Instagram, you can multiply your qualified candidates compared to job boards. You will have sophisticated targeting options, so you can make your jobs appear on the newsfeed of your specific, highly engageable target audience and say goodbye to duplicate profiles.  But becoming a Facebook Ads expert takes years. That’s where Boostpoint comes in. Boostpoint is the #1 tool suite for recruitment marketing that simplifies the process and turns your open positions into high-converting job ads on Facebook and Instagram so you can automate Facebook Recruiting with just a few clicks. Using Boostpoint, our clients have slashed their cost per lead by up to 88%, achieving remarkable results like Home Instead, who reduced their $15 cost per lead to $1.80-$3.50.

5. Brand awareness

If you already have a Facebook presence, recruiting on the platform can boost your employer branding image

When you raise the interest of potential applicants, they will likely begin to explore further information about your firm, so you can get more page visits, likes, and comments from them. And if they have a positive impression of your brand, they will have confidence in your business, so you can establish your business in their mind as an ideal employer.

6. Improved time-to-hire

Delays can result in no-shows and increased strain on existing team members. But if you can quickly hook and maintain the attention of your ideal candidates, you can reduce your cost and time per hire.

When utilizing Facebook for recruiting, you can effectively expedite the time-to-hire and ensure a smoother and more efficient hiring process. No more endless applications that the best talent doesn’t have time for, no hard-to-digest job descriptions that people stop reading at the fourth line, and no ghosting on candidates anymore. The recruiting process on Facebook is the new way of hiring: It’s quick, simple, and straightforward – it focuses on the candidate.

Through targeted messaging and direct engagement that compelling Facebook ad creatives provide, you can build a connection with candidates the second the ad pops up on their feeds. With this solution, you can reach a vast number of prospects who are not doing any job search but are already in the mindset considering career advancements when a more promising opportunity comes along.

Wrap Up

In the fierce competition for TOP talent, traditional job boards alone just won’t cut it. Social media has become a powerful recruitment tool, with Facebook leading the way. With its unparalleled reach, ability to attract passive candidates and humanizing features, Facebook offers a unique edge in the hiring process. Its cost-effectiveness, brand-building potential, and ability to expedite the time-to-hire make it an indispensable platform for modern recruiting strategies. If you’re looking to hire quality candidates faster, establish a seamless and efficient hiring experience, and build meaningful connections with prospective candidates, be sure to try Facebook Recruiting.

Adrienn Herendi

Adrienn is a Content Strategist at Boostpoint, leveraging her extensive experience in writing for the recruitment industry. With her passion for crafting unique, engaging and informative content, she is on a mission to build a community where Talent Acquisition teams thrive and succeed.

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