Fallen Off Your Recruitment Goals Already? Follow These Tips to Get Back on Track

Last month you made resolutions to smash 2023: let’s do it even better this year and attract quality candidates like never before. So how are things going? Are you losing your enthusiasm already?

If so, don’t be hard on yourself because it’s pretty normal. January is a perfect month to reflect on the past year, set new goals, and look ahead with a positive attitude. But most people break their resolutions by February, and talent acquisition is no exception. Recruitment resolutions often fail because businesses want instant results, but new goals usually involve making new habits into routines, so they are rarely accomplished quickly. 

Let’s see how you can get your motivation back!

The most popular recruitment resolutions for 2023

  • Optimize the hiring process
  • Find the most effective ways of working
  • Spend less
  • Learn new skills
  • Nurture candidate relationships
  • Invest in recruitment software
  • Take employer branding to the next level
  • Sync more with a continuous improvement mindset
  • Look for the best

Here’s how you can get back on track

Reconstruct your resolutions into achievable and measurable activities

It’s likely that you’re feeling less excited about your new goals now because you haven’t seen huge results. And the reason might be that you weren’t clear on how to achieve and measure them when you set them.

You posted a resolutions list enthusiastically on Linkedin and keep a reminder on your screen, so you’re not going off the road this time, right? But as the holidays were super busy, you didn’t have the chance to work out a roadmap for your resolutions. However, this is a crucial point. Recruitment resolutions are just like any other recruitment objective, so handle them that way:

  1. Review your resolutions and keep only those that are feasible. It’s better to cross a resolution off the list now than deal with the sense of failure later. 
  2. As for your recruitment goals in general, create an action plan to achieve your resolutions:

    • Identify specific goals related to your resolution
    • Determine what resources you need
    • Set milestones
    • Arrange deadlines
    • Decide what your metrics should be
    • Track progress

For example, increasing employer brand awareness could be a strong recruitment resolution. Your resolution’s action plan might look like this:

Specific goals:

  • Establish a strong social media presence.
  • Drive 50% more traffic to your career site from social media.


  • Effective recruitment marketing strategy.
  • Stellar website copy.
  • Social media strategy.
  • Top-quality social media content.
  • Social media management. 


  1. Website copy done.
  2. Social media strategy done.
  3. Social posts are ready to go.
  4. Social media management assigned to the most competent person.


  • 1 month for building strategy.
  • 2 weeks for the website copy.
  • 1 week for writing a month of social content ahead.
  • Monthly reporting of social media performance.

Block time for your resolutions

Resolutions need commitment, and time-blocking helps you turn short-term cravings into long-term gains. Time-blocking enhances your productivity by allowing you to focus on just one thing at a time.

Studies have shown that it takes at least 18 days to make a new habit automatic. When we do something more often, habits form faster. So if you dedicate time slots to your resolutions every week and feel it’s worth repeating, it will stick, and eventually, you’ll see progress. 

Reward yourself

Rewards are key to successful resolutions because they prompt you to keep them doing. The urge to gain something pleasant helps you reach the end with greater energy.

Think about it: you set those resolutions in January because you wanted change. And change isn’t easy. Some results take longer than others to see. But if you take a moment to reflect on your progress and celebrate small milestones, you’ll feel more motivated. See how far you’ve come already? Just stay focused on your purpose and never give up. You’ve got this!

Ask for your team’s help

Your resolution is your team’s resolution. So you don’t have to do everything alone. If you ask for their help, you’ll improve your talent acquisition performance faster. Teamwork will allow you to foster a culture of collaborative help, so your co-workers will feel more appreciated. As their knowledge and individual capabilities will contribute to growth, they’ll understand that they are valuable to your organization.

Also, nailing recruitment resolutions together is fun, isn’t it?

Utilize a recruitment tool to get more done

Revisiting your time management techniques can free up a few slots in your calendar, but what if there was a much easier option? 

Imagine how much time you could save by using an effective recruitment tool. With Boostpoint®, you can generate more qualified applicants than with posting on job boards like Indeed and be more cost and tim-efficient with text message automation.

With hyper-targeted audiences, Boostpoint® gets your job ad in front of the right people on Facebook and Instagram. Once you capture their attention with a starightforward job description and a compelling visual, they fill out a short application form right in the Facebook app, rather than writing long responses in an endless application form. Then, you can follow up with them in real time via SMS, reaffirm your interviews, and send text messages to your candidate pool about an opportunity that has just opened up. And it’s all automated. That’s how you can double your applicant to interview ratio, and all the time you’d spend on writing Thank you for your application emails or calling applicants on the phone, you can use to work on your new targets.

Ready to turn your open positions into highly-effective hiring campaigns? We’ll be more than happy to show you how Boostpoint® can help you do that. Book a demo now!

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