Facebook Boosted Posts vs. Ads: What’s Best For Your Hiring Campaign?

Last updated on June 20, 2024

Facebook advertising approaches are the most effective instrument for candidate attraction, and when you invest in ads, you want to make sure that your campaigns reach the right people. So, which one should you choose for finding TOP talent: boosted posts or ads?

While both solutions add a lot to the success of recruitment campaigns, they have a key difference:

Boosted posts won’t generate actual conversion. But Facebook ad campaigns will.

Let’s see why!

What should you use boosted posts for?

The objective of Facebook and Instagram boosted posts is to grow visibility. Thus, in case you are not actively hiring but you strive to establish a positive employer brand, they are a perfect choice. 

Boosted posts are regular posts on your Facebook page’s timeline that you pay to reach a broader Facebook audience, outside your followers. So, when you boost a post, you basically buy views.

If you share informative and engaging content about your business and company culture on your feed that reaches new people, you can enhance your brand awareness enormously. As a result, you can get more page visits and likes, and your viewers may explore your organization further. BUT if you want to use boosted posts to fill your positions, you will struggle to increase your applicant flow. 

Attracting the right candidates and connecting with them is the key to candidate retention and boosted posts can’t serve that purpose:

  • With boosted posts, you don’t have as sophisticated targeting options as with ads, so even if you post a job opening as a regular post and it reaches hundreds of people, you can’t be certain that your viewers become applicants. 
  • Boosted posts don’t drop prospects to conversion pages, so you can’t prequalify candidates and can’t generate actions that convert prospects into applicants. These posts usually don’t feature strong call to actions that could persuade potential candidates well enough to respond to your job posting.

Actual conversions with Facebook ads

Facebook ads are designed to attract qualified leads and to convert them into applicants. If you have a specific hiring objective, it can be easily accomplished with Facebook ads due to their super sophisticated targeting ability, conversion pages, and follow-up potentials.


Facebook ads can be created in Facebook Ads Manager, but as this platform was built for experienced digital ads specialists and it’s not surprising that recruiting teams find it far too complicated to use.

Using Facebook API in the backend, Boostpoint® is a new software that helps you navigate your recruitment ad campaigns with easy-to-use ad templates, hyper-targeted audiences, and lead generating conversion pages, on one platform. So, you can fill your positions quickly. 


Facebook ads use pixels to attract your applicants with unique lists, including lists of social and website visits. Based on their profiles and activities, the algorithm matches users with your requirements. You can make sure that only those will see your ads who fit your needs best. 


For recruiters to make a good first impression, connecting with prospects in the first hiring phase is half the battle. And one of the major benefits of Facebook ads is that they reinforce your impact on prospects by providing an interactive candidate experience. 

With Facebook ads campaigns, you can follow-up with and earn the trust of your candidates by involving them in authentic conversations. Automated text messaging services like Boostpoint Connect escalate this process. Leverage text messaging and show your candidates in real-time that you’re there if they have any questions or concerns. 


Facebook Ads provide you with significantly more detailed analytics than boosted posts, so you can gain deeper insights into the performance of your campaigns. Once your prospects hit apply, you can start tracking their statuses and increase your success rate.

Learn how you can create hyper-targeted Facebook ad campaigns with Boostpoint Attract .

The bottom line

With Facebook ads, you’ll get actual conversions: you’ll find the employees you need. Pointing to prospective audiences and converting them into the employees you need, your ROI will be significantly better than with boosted posts.

90% of employers using Facebook and Instagram Ads say this advertising method decreased their recruiting costs. Boostpoint® users reported 3x more candidates generated compared to job boards and a stunning 88% saving on cost per lead on average.  Thus, if you’re looking to build a strong team, we advise you to launch Facebook Ad campaigns for promoting your jobs.

Wrap Up

With Facebook Ads, you’ll get actual conversions: You’ll find the employees you need, fast. Targeting prospective audiences and converting them into the employees you need, your ROI will be significantly better than with boosted posts.

Sam Beiler

As the CEO and Co-founder of Boostpoint, Sam dedicates himself to empowering organizations in creating successful workplaces where team members can truly flourish in their strengths. He tirelessly works with this team to provide talent acquisition professionals with cutting-edge recruitment marketing tools that enable employers to attract top-tier talent faster.

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