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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Recruitment Marketing System

Are you struggling to find the right recruitment marketing system for your hiring goals? Look no further! In this ultimate guide, we will walk you ...
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Write recruiting emails faster using AI

Write the Emails You Need in No Time With Boostpoint Create.AI

The reason you said yes to recruitment is the people. Then you find yourself writing emails all day and connecting less with candidates. Now, imagine ...
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Write the Perfect Job Description in Seconds with Boostpoint CreateAI

Write the Perfect Job Description in Seconds with Boostpoint Create.AI

You don’t have to spend ages writing job descriptions anymore. Or hire a marketing team member who would be spending the whole day crafting them ...
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Be the Change Employees Want to See in the World

Whether you’re socializing online or in person, you can sense emotional fatigue everywhere. There’s a lot going on right now — post-pandemic stress, world events, the ...
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How to Navigate Political Disagreements at The Workplace

I’m sure you have heard a co-worker expressing their views on a political matter. Perhaps you’ve even been involved in a conversation about a divisive ...
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How Social Media Has Changed the Game for the Recruiting Industry

Technology is revolutionizing, the recruitment process is changing. Workplaces are undergoing a digital metamorphosis, and thanks to the rise of social media, the way people ...
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