How You Can Benefit from AI in Recruitment

Last updated on June 6, 2024

As AI for recruitment becomes ubiquitous and the recruitment industry grows more competitive, it is imperative for TA professionals to adopt this innovative technology to stay ahead in the evolving landscape.

Several industries and Fortune 500 companies are using AI to streamline their recruitment processes, identify TOP talent more effectively, and enhance the overall candidate experience. According to SHRM, 83% of U.S. employers are leveraging AI to boost their hiring results.

Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or just starting out, AI-powered tech can help you be more efficient.

Let’s explore the various ways in which you can harness AI’s potential! 

What is AI for recruiting?

AI recruiting is recruiting driven by AI technologies and techniques to help talent acquisition teams improve their productivity. It involves leveraging AI algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing in various aspects of the recruitment process.

By automating repetitive tasks, augmenting decision-making processes, and utilizing advanced analytics through AI recruitment tools, you can improve hiring processes and optimize outcomes.

Will AI change the role of the recruiter?

Thanks to AI, the role of the recruiter will change: it will evolve.

Despite the often feared assumption, AI won’t steal your job because it is a human-centered approach designed to serve you, not to replace you. TA teams embracing AI will be able to hire more qualified workers in less time, engage less with repetitive tasks, and focus more on relationship building with their pipeline.

Thus, the best thing you can do today to thrive in recruitment is considering AI to be your assistant who helps you become more successful.

How you can maximize hiring success with AI

Time and cost savings

The most advantageous benefit of AI recruitment is the time it can save you by automating time-consuming tasks. Itris, a cutting-edge recruitment CRM software provider, highlights the growing role of AI in streamlining recruiting processes. By leveraging AI capabilities, Itris empowers recruiters with tools that enhance efficiency, speed up resume screening, and provide valuable insights.

If you offload these activities to AI-powered systems, you can save significant amounts of time to engage with more value-added activities and apply more strategic hiring practices. The result is faster hiring processes and reduced cost per hire.

Efficient candidate sourcing

AI can significantly improve the candidate sourcing process by mining vast amounts of data from various sources, including social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

With machine learning algorithms, AI systems can learn from historical data and identify patterns and trends to predict which candidates are most likely to be a good fit for a particular role. AI for recruitment is a game-changer that revolutionizes how you find and attract the best employees. Automated candidate sourcing ensures a larger pool of qualified candidates, so you can increase your chances of finding the workers you need for your open roles.

Personalized candidate experience

If you’re actively hiring, you know that delivering a positive candidate experience is crucial for attracting and retaining TOP talent. That’s the only way to earn the trust of your prospects and convince them that they make the right decision when they accept your job offer.

AI can play a vital role in creating outstanding candidate experiences and building meaningful connections. The possibilities for that are truly endless. For example, you can automate engaging with candidates and providing them with information about the recruitment process in real-time through text message automation. It’s especially important during the initial stages of the hiring process where you can multiply your chances of avoiding churns. And the best part is that now you can personalize these interactions with human, tailoring it to your company’s own brand guidelines. 

Predictive analytics for better hiring decisions

The analytical capabilities of AI are just spectacular. It can identify patterns and correlations by analyzing data, including candidate profiles, hiring outcomes, and employee performance.

Therefore, you can make more accurate predictions about potential candidates’ performance and fit within the company. That’s what every TA team wants, right? Fewer undesirable hires and better conversion rates.

Recruitment marketing

AI plays a significant role in recruitment marketing because it helps employers reach new heights in promoting their employer brand and build a robust talent pipeline.

With AI, you can refine your recruitment marketing strategies and reach the right candidates in new ways to hire better than your competitors. AI recruitment tools can multiply the effectiveness of your paid job ads and organic recruitment content too. And with the insights you can draw with these tools, you can optimize your strategies to skyrocket your hires.

Boostpoint® has all the tools you need to maximize your recruitment marketing efforts and hire the more qualified employees faster:

  • You can generate unique, high-converting recruitment marketing materials in seconds. Craft unlimited social media content, job descriptions, text message workflows, email content and amplify your effectiveness with less effort.
  • With our hyper-targeted recruiting ads on social media, you can get in front of passive job seekers and attract the workers who are the most qualified for your roles.
  • Then you can prescreen your applicants right after they apply for your roles with a few quick questions.
  • To immediately increase your response rates, you can set up engaging SMS workflows in seconds.

Wrap Up

AI in recruitment has become indispensable for modern recruiters and it brings exciting opportunities for talent acquisition teams. AI will uplift your practices, attract TOP talent for you faster, and ignite a spark of joy in your pursuit of hiring success. The future of hiring is bright, and AI is here to make your recruitment goals come true!

Sam Beiler

As the CEO and Co-founder of Boostpoint, Sam dedicates himself to empowering organizations in creating successful workplaces where team members can truly flourish in their strengths. He tirelessly works with this team to provide talent acquisition professionals with cutting-edge recruitment marketing tools that enable employers to attract top-tier talent faster.

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