How to Create the Workplace of the Future in 2023

Last updated on June 7, 2024

Employers will be facing a host of new challenges in 2023 from helping employees tackling financial pressure to redefining company culture. With workers reevaluating their preferences and quitting in mass numbers in 2022, a new workforce emerged this year that will no longer accept getting less than what they deserve. Then a war broke out, and currently, we’re experiencing a cost of living crisis which means that many are feeling that nothing is certain anymore. According to Gallup’s 2022 report, 40% of employees in the U.S. are worrying about the future and 56% are considering a job change.

But don’t you worry. The good news is that you have all the potential to create an environment where TOP talent wants to belong in 2023, especially entry-level candidates and Millennials. And the key to that creation is to emerge as an employer who empowers employees.

Here’s why:

The workplace of the future makes work more enjoyable because it inspires team members to excel at what they do and encourages them to communicate, collaborate, and develop effective solutions together. 

Let’s see how you can achieve that!

Make wellbeing a reality

For 2023, the most important goal of employees is to be a much healthier and happier version of themselves

So, if you’ve been offering healthy snacks or lunch for a while now, that’s amazing! Everybody loves that, so stick to it! But keep in mind that in order to meet this strong employee wellbeing demand, you’ll need to take a broader view because wellbeing is not just about the worker anymore; it’s about the whole person.

This is the reason investing in employee wellbeing all year long suggests to your team that you truly care. So when an applicant is hesitating between you and another employer, seeing that wellbeing is a foundation of your company culture, they will think, “They’ll pay attention to how I am. Great!”. That’s a huge plus for you!

Here are a few ideas that can transform your company into a wellbeing advocate quickly:

  • Shorter work weeks or more flexible schedules.
  • Workplace wellness programs.
  • Fitness activities that improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.
  • Nutrition education.

Prioritize employee engagement 

Employee engagement will be a key aspect next year. Although the U.S. is leading the way with a 33% employee engagement rate in 2022, this number indicates that employers should make maintaining an engaging culture a priority.

The effective involvement of your team members in their work significantly affects their relationship with your organization. Thus, disengaged employees tend to experience stress and all-day worry on a regular basis which easily leads to burnout and resignation. But engaged employees feel empowered so they are more likely to stay.

This is how you can create a culture that engages employees:

  • Assign challenging tasks to your team.
  • Make sure that every role is in alignment with the employee’s skills and traits.
  • Emphasize that your team’s work contributes to your mission.
  • Appreciate your employees’ efforts.

Motivate your employees with goal-oriented targets

One of the major changes expected for 2023 is that people will be more driven by meeting goals than working in line with the classic 9-5 mindset, so presenting their tasks as projects rather than “work to be done” will inspire them and increase their self-esteem. 

Moreover, make sure you:

  • Let them know that you consider them as skilled partners whose contribution is inevitable for the successful completion of the project.
  • Encourage them to be creative when solving a task and ask for their feedback.
  • Set clear goals and give them deadlines so that they will be able to measure their own progress.

Perhaps you’ll need to recalibrate your time-management and project-planning strategies but they will know that you trust them as individuals and rely on them as professionals.

Foster a flexible work environment

The great shift to a remote model is here to stay, and not just in office environments. Thus, allowing flexible options will be another must-have for the workplace of tomorrow. 

Fortunately, if you can’t offer remote or hybrid opportunities because let’s say you’re in the manufacturing industry, you can still implement flexibility in your positions. For example, having flexible work schedules is a perfect solution for helping your team establish a healthy work-life balance. Plus, it will suggest to them that you’ll be understanding when life situations come up, so they’ll feel more respected.

Establish an open work culture

Openness to change, empathy, and inclusiveness will be key to attracting and retaining quality team players for your business. Today, everyone in the work scenario expects their opinions to be considered – by the employer and their co-workers too. So, it is paramount to encourage them to share their opinions, but first, create an environment of acceptance in which they feel their voices will be heard. And make sure your leaders lead with diversity in mind so they can set an example.

New ways of collaborating

People have started to get annoyed by “Working it up in the food chain” systems, so switching to new ways of collaboration will be crucial to employee experience in 2023.

Forget hierarchical communication and that directions can only come from corporate. Instead, allow your employees to have conversations at all levels of the organization without asking for permission from their managers to do so. 

Thanks to the digital transformation, there are tremendous tools available that can help your employees see the whole picture and communicate effectively.

Strengthen your employer branding through social media

Social media is getting highly infused into your employees’ professional lives too, not just their personal lives. So, utilizing your social media presence for establishing a positive employer brand in 2023 will be crucial. 

Firstly, you can strengthen the bond between you and your team by showcasing their achievements and sharing stories about them. This way, they will feel visible and appreciated, and your reputation will grow.

Secondly, creating content around your employer brand values and posting team culture and behind-the-scene content will help you make a lasting impression on your prospects, so you’ll be able to attract more applicants than before.

Wrap Up

In 2023, the workplace will be defined by organizations that prioritize empowerment, well-being, and inclusivity. By embracing these principles, employers can create environments where employees thrive, teams excel, and success becomes inevitable.

Lizz Durbin

Lizz is an Account Executive at Boostpoint where she enjoys connecting with new customers. With years of invaluable experience in recruitment, she empowers Talent Acquisition teams to find the best employees and escalate organizational growth. Her passion for fostering inspiring work environments, combined with her creativity and strategic mindset, greatly contributes to the advancement of Talent Acquisition. She brings a deep belief in our products, aligning her passion for sales with a genuine conviction in their value.

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