Celebrating Boostpoint’s 5th Birthday: An Exclusive Interview with CEO Sam Beiler and CTO Jared Neff

Boostpoint CEO Sam Beiler and CTO Jared Neff

Last updated on May 21, 2024

5 years ago, Boostpoint introduced recruitment marketing software with the goal of revolutionizing Talent Acquisition through technology. Today, with our unique combination of a Social Media Recruiting Platform, Text Message Automation Tool, and AI Writing Assistant, we are helping thousands of modern recruiters change the way organizations hire by attracting qualified candidates faster than job board advertising and prioritizing meaningful human connections over tedious recruitment tasks.

On the occasion of celebrating our 5-year-mark, I sat down with our founders Sam Beiler, CEO, and Jared Neff, CTO, to discuss how they see the evolution of our vision, the impact of our cutting-edge tools, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead as the recruitment industry continues to go through a transformation.

As we celebrate the 5th birthday of Boostpoint, what does this milestone mean to you personally?

Sam: What hit me right in the feels that night on our 5th birthday was soaking in the incredible culture we’ve brewed up as a team. Picture this: I’m looking around the room, and it’s like this living testament to the synergy we’ve created together. Seven years ago, I didn’t even know these folks. Take Jared and I, for instance — we met because of Boostpoint. And what blows my mind is that everyone on this team didn’t just join a company… They dove headfirst into Boostpoint. It’s not your typical “we met in college, let’s start a business” scenario. It’s a symphony of people and culture harmonizing perfectly. We’re not just colleagues; we’re a tribe that clicked, and it’s beyond rewarding. I mean, who knew work could feel this much like hanging out with friends? Boostpoint brought us together, and we all bought into each other and the mission. 

Jared: You know, when I reflect on what really matters, it’s the incredible team that surrounds us. Sure, the work of founders and CEOs is important when it comes to startups, but let’s be real — the entire crew is the true driving force that makes the magic happen. Every single person at Boostpoint has played a vital role in building what we have today. It’s a team effort, through and through.

What are the most significant achievements for Boostpoint?

Sam: You know, one of our big wins at Boostpoint has been diving into the Talent Acquisition space. It wasn’t exactly our background, HR and TA, but we used that to our advantage, since social media advertising and marketing were the areas that we were experts in. We didn’t have a ton of experience in the HR and recruitment at the beginning, but our ad game was strong. We took that, tackled another problem, and bam — way more success than we thought. The best part? The awesome range of customers and brands we’ve been able to help out. It’s been a wild ride. And I can’t help but feel a surge of pride for the incredible team that built Boostpoint from the ground up. We created a unique product because we saw a need for it, and that was born out of our own market research. It’s not like we thought, “Hey, let’s script a competitor’s product.” We spotted a gap, did our homework, and brought something completely fresh to the table. That, to me, is a major win.

Jared: In the startup world, 90% of startups fail. First-year founders have an 18% success rate. Sam and I are first-time founders. And the fact that we have passed that hurdle, is an achievement that I’m super proud of. It’s not like saying that we have success written on the wall. I think we will succeed because we believe in us. After a pivot, through all the adversity, through the economic situation, Covid, and the multiple layers of problems, we are still growing, which is awesome.  

What have been the most valuable lessons learned since starting Boostpoint?

Sam: Don’t give up. There are countless moments when throwing in the towel seems tempting but if you’re willing to endure and commit to pushing through, success often emerges on the other side. Realizing that success is not a straight line and being able to accept that there will be ups and downs is critical for achieving your goals. 

Jared: Trust yourself. Because sometimes, early on, it’s easy to second-guess yourself. Sometimes you get that Imposter-syndrome where you feel, I don’t belong in this space. But you really do. You just proved you do. Every challenge we tackled at Boostpoint, every lesson learned and growth experienced, contributed to shaping an exceptional company.

What role our company culture has played in Boostpoint’s success?

Sam: I think the most remarkable thing about it is that we were able to build an innovative and valuable product at Boostpoint. Our culture plays a pivotal role, creating a space rich in value. Because when you have a healthy company culture, communication is seamless. You don’t need to force conversation. It happens a lot more naturally. You still need to be intentional about communicating well but it becomes free-flowing because you’re in a healthy environment. These natural conversations have steered us toward effective strategies, both in product development and our go-to-market approach. A tangible outcome of Boostpoint’s robust company culture.

Jared: To add to that, I think that a robust company culture not only aids in comprehension but fuels collective buy-in for the vision and future trajectory. The direction we’re headed is important. Why are we doing this? Where are we making these moves? In reality, the building of a company culture is more difficult then destroying it – there’s a vision, there’s trust, there’s collaboration… All these things must come together for a healthy culture. The moment negativity seeps in, swift action is crucial; otherwise, you risk losing the very essence of what you’ve built.

How has the recruitment marketing landscape changed since Boostpoint was founded, and how has the company adapted to these changes?

Sam: There’s a notable shift in recruitment marketing, with a newfound emphasis on the hourly and frontline workforce. In the past, marketing often overlooked these roles, assuming they’d always be filled. But that mindset has evolved, and organizations are now investing energy, effort, and resources into valuing and attracting frontline workers. So, those who failed to recognize the importance of this workforce are clearly lagging behind. And there’s a broader industry realization that job board advertising is no longer the sole solution – a need for expansion beyond traditional recruitment strategies is becoming increasingly evident now. Traditional recruitment advertising methods are undergoing a significant transformation.

Jared: What’s apparent to me is that the industry is now waking up to the significance of entry-level positions, realizing they’ve overlooked this crucial segment of the workforce. It’s unfortunate that many haven’t directed their focus here. Those who have neglected this aspect are now scrambling to catch up. The good news? We’ve got a solution for precisely that challenge.

What emerging trends in AI and recruitment do you see influencing the industry?

Sam: A prevailing trend I’ve noticed lately is the pursuit of hyper-efficiency. Many recruiters fear that AI might replace them, but the key perspective should be how AI enhances efficiency to foster more meaningful human connections. If companies, especially in HR, attempt to remove the human element from the process, a significant part of company culture and communication is lost. It’s not about technology replacing you… it’s about leveraging AI to optimize productivity and enhance the overall human experience within your team.

Jared: With AI, we have the ability to introduce confidence in security, and compliance where we otherwise might miss the mark. Think about that through candidate communication, everything happens within a brand voice but also falls within the DE&I compliance and meets company standards. So I think there’s a massive opportunity for employers who use AI for recruitment ethically, responsibly, and morally, to keep businesses actually on the forefront of compliance and security.

Are there any upcoming innovations or technologies that Boostpoint is excited about integrating into its platform?

Sam: The thing that I’m most excited about is the ability to have an all-in-one solution for anything recruitment marketing. We are in the Beta stage of Boostpoint Create.AI [an AI Writing Assistant designed for Talent Acquisition teams] right now, but what this is going to turn into, can be a complete solution for TA teams who don’t have a marketing function in their recruitment team but they can work with Boostpoint, and they’ll instantly have that. Much of this can be attributed to the advancement of generative AI and the strategic integration of proven marketing systems tailored for recruitment teams

Jared: There’s immense potential for us to envision a comprehensive system by strategically combining multiple products. Bringing these elements together into a unified system enhances their functionality. So, a key initiative for us involves collaborating with TA teams in other systems, integrating third-party solutions. This collaborative approach aims to provide recruiters who want to explore new ways to find more candidates and improve their workflows with a more holistic and seamless experience.

Adrienn Herendi

Adrienn is a Content Strategist at Boostpoint, leveraging her extensive experience in writing for the recruitment industry. With her passion for crafting unique, engaging and informative content, she is on a mission to build a community where Talent Acquisition teams thrive and succeed.

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