How to Attract Dream Candidates While You’re on Vacation

Last updated on February 15, 2024

Whether it’s the ocean, the mountains, or a stay-cation that is calling you, I’m sure you’re ready for vacation.

But taking a leave of absence as a recruiter can be quite terrifying. Perhaps you feel you just can’t afford to leave. You might feel guilty for putting open positions on hold, knowing that the teams you’re trying to assist are struggling with labor shortages. We all know that when a recruiter is away, the hiring process can stall. 

There’s good news: you don’t have to worry about it any longer. Boostpoint®, a new recruiting platform, can help you target your dream candidates and get your job postings in front of them with Facebook and Instagram ads. Fully automatized. With social media ads, you’ll generate 2-3 times more qualified leads than you would via Glassdoor or Indeed – without stepping foot in the office!

Let’s see how you can increase your applicant flow while snipping your Margarita.

Reach hyper-targeted audiences

As the fastest-growing recruiting channel, social media allows you to reach a wider audience with your job openings than anywhere else. The largest pool of candidates in history is on Facebook, with 285 million active users in North America. So, if you have a specific hiring objective, it can be easily accomplished with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Compared to other solutions, Facebook provides hiring professionals with the most precise targeting options and is more cost-effective than almost every alternative source of advertising. 

Our hyper-sophisticated Facebook and Instagram ads help you target the most potential candidates through hyper-sophisticated Facebook and Instagram ads. With the Boostpoint® app, you can run ads within minutes right from your smartphone.

Use proven ad templates

First impressions are crucial to securing a dream candidate. This is why Facebook ads are so effective at reaching prospects. They offer an interactive candidate experience that makes you memorable and helps you build trust. And it starts with the job description.

To help you create ads that attract best talent, we asked professional ad writers to craft ad templates for you. Personalize them easily with your job details and high-quality stock images, from your phone: you’ll catch the attention of your target audience for sure.

Use instant notifications

You won’t lose early-stage candidates if you set up automatic replies while you’re on vacation. Boostpoint® lets you easily keep track of incoming applicants for your job ad campaigns. Using the app, you’ll receive phone and email notifications as soon as a candidate applies, so you’ll always be in the loop.

Leverage automated text messaging

You can improve candidate experience with text messaging because it is a quick and easy way to communicate during the recruiting process. People send 4 times more text messages than emails a day and studies have shown that 89% of candidates prefer to be reached out via text messaging.

With Boostpoint®, you can set up automated text messages to follow up with your applicants and provide them with a faster response time. Engaging your candidates in real-time after they hit apply will earn their trust and accelerate your hiring process. This will give them a sense that they can reach you if they have any questions or concerns. 

Manage all your applicants in one place

Boostpoint® is easy to use – no new skills are required! And you can create, attract, connect, and analyze without leaving the app. Plus, you can conveniently check applicant status and get insights into your results while on vacation with a single click.

So, if you’re just a few days away from your vacation and ready to test out Facebook and Instagram ads, Boostpoint® can help. Book a demo now!

Adrienn Herendi

Adrienn is a Content Strategist at Boostpoint, leveraging her extensive experience in writing for the recruitment industry. With her passion for crafting unique, engaging and informative content, she is on a mission to build a community where Talent Acquisition teams thrive and succeed.

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