How to Improve Your Candidate Experience

Have you ever wondered how an applicant’s decision to apply for one of your roles or accept your job offer hinges on their candidate experience? It all comes down to how they feel throughout their journey with you. Think back to the last time you were looking for a job. What made you apply and ultimately accept the offer? Sure, the pay, the benefits, and the work schedule were important, but what truly influenced your decision was how you felt during the process.

To ensure a positive experience for your candidates, design your candidate experience to respect their time, ensure a seamless application process, and prioritize clear communication.

Let’s begin by exploring the significance of the candidate experience!

Why candidate experience matters

A positive candidate experience is crucial for attracting TOP talent, as it makes your company more appealing to job seekers. Candidates who have a good experience, even if not hired, are likely to speak positively about you which enhances your reputation. This positive word-of-mouth can entice more high-quality candidates in the future.

Plus, a smooth and engaging hiring process sets a positive tone for new employees, so you can expect higher satisfaction and retention rates. In a competitive job market, a superior candidate experience can differentiate your company from other hiring companies and give you a significant edge in building a quality pipeline.

5 key benefits of great candidate experience

1.Attracts more quality candidates

When candidates feel valued and respected throughout the candidate journey, they are more likely to view your organization as a desirable place to work. This helps attract high-caliber candidates who might otherwise overlook your company in favor of competitors with better reputations.

2. Enhances company reputation 

Candidates who have a good experience, even if they don’t receive your  job offer, are likely to speak positively about your company. This can improve your company’s reputation and employer brand, making it easier to attract talented individuals in the future. With a strong reputation, you can also enhance customer perceptions and overall brand value.

3. Increases employee retention

When the hiring process is smooth and makes new hires feel welcome right from the start, it sets a positive vibe. If new employees have a good experience from day one, they’re more likely to feel happy and involved. Feeling valued early on can make them want to stick around longer.

4. Boosts competitive advantage

In a tough job market, giving candidates a great experience can really set your company apart. When you show professionalism, respect, and efficiency during the hiring process, candidates are drawn to your company. This approach can make your company stand out and help you hire the best talent, even when competing with other employers.

5. Fosters long-term relationships

Even candidates who are not selected for a position can become advocates for your brand if they have a positive experience. Maintaining a good relationship with these candidates keeps your talent pool strong, as they may be suitable for future opportunities. Plus, they may refer other qualified candidates to your company, so you can further expand your reach and influence in the talent market.

How to improve your candidate experience

Leverage Facebook Recruiting

If you truly want to enhance your candidate experience, start with Facebook Recruiting. With an incredible number of 285 million active users in North America alone spending an average of 3 hours per day on the platform, Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the region.  

Using Facebook Recruiting, you can create a more engaging, personalized, and transparent experience for your candidates, leading to higher applicant satisfaction and increased success in hiring the best candidates. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Increased visibility: By advertising job openings on Facebook, you can reach a broader audience of potential candidates who may not actively be searching on traditional job boards. This increases the chances of attracting diverse and qualified applicants.
  2. Interactive engagement: Facebook allows for direct interaction with candidates through comments, messages, and live chats. This enables real-time communication and enhances their engagement and sense of bonding with your company.
  3. Personalized content: Personalized content creates a more meaningful connection because it demonstrates that your company values and understands the individual candidate.

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Create a lasting impression with recruiting ads on social

Active presence on social media is a must if you’re aiming for a top-tier candidate experience because that’s exactly where they’re hanging out. Use eye-catching visuals, catchy headlines, and punchy messaging to hook potential candidates as they scroll and make them want to know more about the job. Here’s how you can make the most out of your recruiting ads:

  1. Use creatives that resonate: The visual component of the ad weighs a lot in the success of a recruiting ad. If you use imagery, showcase workers performing the work that they enjoy. When it comes to video, opt for selfie-style recordings inviting prospects to apply for open roles, as they tend to yield the best results.
  2. Elevate your copy: Improving your candidate experience often hinges on how you craft your job descriptions. If your job posts read more like novels than quick social media blurbs, it’s probably time for a change. Candidates – whether they’re actively job hunting or just casually browsing – aren’t keen on sifting through paragraphs when the same info could be boiled down to a few bullet points. Keep it easy to read, and make sure it speaks directly to your audience. Always add a call-to-action so your prospects will know what action they should do next.

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Make the application process easy

Making it a breeze for candidates to apply is like rolling out the red carpet for them. Imagine clicking “apply” and getting lost in a maze of forms – not exactly a dream scenario, right? Well, fear not! Streamlining the application process is the name of the game, and here’s how you do it:

  1. Keep it short and sweet: Nobody wants to spend ages filling out endless forms, especially when they’re on the move. Keep your application brief and to the point, and watch those stellar candidates roll in.
  2. Go mobile-friendly: We live in a world where smartphones are practically an extension of our hands. So, it’s essential to ensure that your application process is smooth sailing on mobile devices. Whether your candidates are on the subway or lounging at home, they should be able to apply with just a few taps of their finger.

Not sure how to shorten your application process while also making it mobile-friendly? Use our proven Quick Apply form and make it quick for your prospects to apply. 

Follow up immediately

There’s nothing worse than no response after hitting that “submit” button. Immediate follow-up is essential to keeping candidates interested in the opportunity. But how can you get in touch with them on autopilot? Through SMS automation. With a 90% average open rate, SMS Recruiting is the most effective tool for following up with candidates. Here’s how you can amplify your candidate experience using Boostpoint’s SMS Automation tool built for recruiters:

  1. Send ‘Thank your for applying’ texts: Create automated SMS campaigns to bond with your candidates in those critical moments and make sure they get a text once they finish the application.
  2. Nurture your pipeline with captivating SMS: Ignite excitement among candidates who inquired about your positions or applied for another role earlier. 

Communicate with your candidates clearly at each stage of the process

Clear communication is the backbone of a great candidate experience. Imagine applying for a job and not hearing back for weeks. Doesn’t feel great, right? Keeping them informed at each stage of the hiring process is a simple yet powerful way to improve their experience and enhance your company’s reputation. Here’s how:

  1. Acknowledge receipt of applications: Start with acknowledging that you received their application. As soon as a candidate applies, send a confirmation email. This small gesture reassures them that their application was received and sets the tone for further communication.
  2. Set expectations early: Let your candidates know what steps are involved, how long each step will take, and who they can contact you if they have questions. This transparency helps manage their expectations and reduces anxiety.
  3. Provide timely updates: Keep candidates in the loop. If there’s a delay, let them know. Whether they’re moving to the next stage or not, timely updates show respect for their time and effort.
  4. Be accessible: Make sure candidates know how to reach you with any questions or concerns. A dedicated point of contact can make a huge difference, making the process feel personal and supportive.

Craft a well-structured interview

A well-structured interview is a real advantage because it makes the whole process smoother and fairer for everyone involved. It helps your candidates relax and show their best selves, while giving the interviewers a solid framework to compare candidates fairly. Here’s how to create an interview that’s both engaging and informative:

  1. Prepare thoughtful questions: Avoid generic questions; instead, focus on ones that reveal how candidates think and solve problems relevant to the role. Use Create.AI, our cutting-edge AI Writing Assistant specifically built for TA teams, to generate unique interview questions in seconds.
  2. Set clear objectives: Define what you want to learn from each stage of the interview. Whether it’s assessing technical abilities, problem-solving skills, or team compatibility, having clear goals keeps the interview focused and efficient.
  3. Balance the conversation: Allow candidates to ask questions and engage in dialogue. This not only gives them a better understanding of the role and company but also makes the interview feel more like a two-way conversation.

Nurture candidate relationships

Candidate nurturing is fundamental for a human-centric candidate experience. When your applicants are certain that you focus on the human factor and fully understand their aspirations, they will more likely accept your offer. Think of it like gardening: You need to nurture and care for your candidates to help them grow into future employees or brand advocates. Here’s how to cultivate these relationships like a pro:

  1. Treat candidates as individuals, not just resumes: Use their names, reference specific points from their applications or interviews, and show genuine interest in their unique skills and experiences. Personalized communication makes candidates feel valued and respected.
  2. Engage on social media: Stay connected with candidates through social media platforms. Share relevant content, company updates, and job openings. This keeps your company on their radar and shows that you’re interested in maintaining a relationship beyond the hiring process.
  3. Show appreciation: A simple thank you can go a long way. Send thank-you notes after interviews and follow up with candidates periodically to show you appreciate their interest in your company. Small gestures of appreciation can leave a lasting positive impression.

Be open to giving feedback

Giving feedback to candidates is a game-changer for making their experience better and fine-tuning your hiring process because it shows you care about their growth and helps them understand where they stand. When candidates know what they did well and where they can improve, they leave with a positive impression of your company, even if they weren’t selected. Furthermore, their feedback can give you valuable insights to make your hiring process even better. Here’s how to keep things open and constructive with your feedback:

  1. Be honest, yet kind: Balance honesty with empathy. Deliver feedback in a respectful and encouraging manner, focusing on how the candidate can do things better rather than just on what they did wrong. This approach maintains their dignity and motivation.
  2. Be specific: General comments like “You’re not the right fit” don’t help candidates grow. Instead, give them specific examples of what they did well and where they should change strategies. Clear, detailed feedback is more actionable and beneficial.
  3. Encourage questions: Create an open dialogue where candidates feel comfortable asking questions about the feedback. This shows that you’re genuinely interested in their development and willing to support their growth.

Use feedback as a two-way street: Invite candidates to share their thoughts on your interview process. This back-and-forth not only benefits them but also gives you valuable insights to enhance your candidate experience.

Adrienn Herendi

Adrienn is a Content Strategist at Boostpoint, leveraging her extensive experience in writing for the recruitment industry. With her passion for crafting unique, engaging and informative content, she is on a mission to build a community where Talent Acquisition teams thrive and succeed.

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